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Happy Children


"Too Small to Fail" and Univision jointly operate the country’s largest Spanish-language text messaging program for parents of young children (0-5).  Over 145,000 parents have joined the service since we launched in 2015. We deliver 3x messages per week to over 52,000 active subscribers who are currently enrolled in the program.

Ad Astra Media has partnered with Clinton Foundation and Univision to program two weeks worth of messages for 2020. This will offer easy tips and activity ideas that encourage early interest in STEM.

Check out some of the text messages Ad Astra Media created below! Text messages are also available in Spanish!

Subject: Energy Engineering

Univision Tip: Explain to your children that energy comes in different forms and is used to power our homes, toys, and more. Prove this by building a maze with your children's toy blocks or legos. Place a marble at the beginning of the maze and have your children guide the marble through the maze by blowing air through a straw to make the marble move. Explain how wind is one of the natural sources on Earth that we can use for energy.

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Subject: Magnet Search

Univision Tip: Find a magnet in your house and fill a small box with metal objects (keys, coins, jewelry). Have your children use the magnet to search the box: if the object is "magnetic", the magnet in their hands will pick it up; if the object is not magnetic, it will stay in the box. Tell your children that magnets play an important role in generating electricity for the things we use on a daily basis.

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Subject: Wash Hands

Univision Tip: Talk to your kids about how hand washing kills germs and can help everyone stay healthy. To help your children visualize the importance of hand washing, pour a small amount of water into a plate and add pepper on top of the water; the peppercorns will act like germs. Have your kids touch the water with a finger and see how many peppercorns stick to their finger. Now start over and add a small amount of soap to your fingers and watch how the soap magically repels the peppercorns when your finger enters the water.

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Subject: Make a Glass Phone

Univision Tip: Make a homemade phone with your kids using paper cups and a piece of string or string. Poke a hole in the bottom of the glass with a paper clip and push the string or string through the hole. Inside the glass, tie the end of the string to the paperclip; do it on both sides. Pick two opposite ends in the room and make sure the string is tight and you start talking to each other through the glasses. Explain how the phone works: it transmits sound vibrations along a tight, extended string.

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Homework Help

Subject: Lifelong Learning

Univision Tip: Do you want to do a science or math project with your kids but aren't an expert? It's fine! Contributing to their education is more than sharing the knowledge you have: it is about sharing the skill of "lifelong learning" with them. By doing this, you are showing them that they don't need to be experts on a topic and that they can learn about it together. Practice this in your next math or science activity.

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Partnered with Univision

President Clinton established the Clinton Foundation on the simple belief that everyone deserves a chance to succeed, everyone has a responsibility to act, and we all do better when we work together. For nearly two decades, those values have energized the work of the Foundation in overcoming complex challenges and improving the lives of people across the United States and around the world.


Ad Astra Media and joined forces with the Clinton Global Initiative and Univision on their project Too Small To Fail - "an initiative of the Clinton Foundation, is leading a public awareness and action campaign to promote the importance of early brain and language development and to empower parents with tools to talk, read, and sing with their young children from birth." As a part of their global texting chain of more than 125,000 subscribers, Ad Astra Media provides home friendly S.T.E.A.M. educational activities for parents with their kids to initiate early childhood development and learning.


Learn where leaves get their colors, practice painting while you learn about the galaxy we live in and so much more! Ad Astra Media is thrilled for this partnership and looks forward to providing your families with activities to laugh and learn!