Comic Series Featuring Women Artists

Three Covers from Drawn to Art: Ten Tales of Inspiring Women Artists

Bringing together ten extraordinary women artists and ten emerging illustrators, what happens? Ten remarkable tales are born!

Smithsonian American Art Museum and Smithsonian Institute of International Studies announced a partnership in spring of 2021with Ringling College of Art and Design for the purpose of creating Drawn to Art: Ten Tales of Inspiring Women Artists, storytelling influenced by graphic novels. Their goal is to use a digital format to enable them to share the stories of ten women artists that may have not been widely recognized. For the series, the women artists chosen were Berenice Abbott, Anni Albers, Romaine Brooks, Maria Oakey Dewing, Carmen Herrera, Corita Kent, Edmonia Lewis, Kay Sekimachi, Alma Thomas, and Mickalene Thomas. A glimpse into defining moments in each of their lives and artmaking binds their stories together despite their spanning a century or more. Smithsonian American Art Museum houses pieces of artwork by each of these ladies. This project presents ten visionaries and rule breakers, whose struggles and triumphs can be identified by young people, who can see themselves represented and can become stronger as a result.

View each of the comics below:

Threads Of History: A Comic About Anni Alvers

Beneath The Holly Tree: A Comic About Alma Thomas

Picturing A City: A Comic About Berenice Abbot

In Awe Of The Straight Line: A Comic About Carmen Herrera

A Life In Color: A Comic About Corita Kent

Breaking The Marble Ceiling: A Comic About Edmonia Lewis

The Weaver's Weaver: A Comic About Kay Sekimachi

A Garden-Thirsty Soul: A Comic About Maria Oakey Dewing

Portrait: A Comic About Mickalene Thomas

Do You Think I'm Hiding? A Comic About Romaine Brooks

We believe that art has the power to transform lives. In reading the comics, hopefully you will gain a deeper understanding of each artist, while also seeing yourself in a whole new light as a result of reading it.


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