S.  T.  E.  A.  M


PAST Foundation Logo.jpg

 Ad Astra Media is partnered with the PAST Foundation on several upcoming projects. "An international group of anthropologists, field and research scientists, museum curators and educators asked the question: How can we connect real world scientific research with classrooms and the public? Dr. Annalies Corbin founded the PAST Foundation as the answer to this question".

The PAST Foundation, or Partnering Anthropology with Science and Technology, "invites the world to design, construct and engage in experiences that link learning to life." Ad Astra Media has partnered with the PAST Foundation to bring 'the magic of STEAM to media', we will use our trans-media approach to better assist them in their fight to make scientific research available to classrooms - projects are currently in the works and we are thrilled to see how we can help the PAST Foundations mission! Stay tuned for updates!