Worker Studio


"Worker Studio is an award-winning Animation company in Colorado's Denver Metro Area. Founded by veteran animator and filmmaker, Michael "Ffish" Hemschoot (BFA, CalArts '95), and together with Minister of Message & Propaganda, Jason Cangialosi, consulting veteran Producer, Jon Derovan, and a team of talented upstarts, Worker Studio produces original high-end 3D, 2D & Stop-motion animation properties, visual effects, and commercial products. While pioneering the use of new technologies and methods of distribution, Worker Studio brings a classic sensibility of animation and storytelling into the 21st century. In short, we like making pictures move and having fun doing it."

Eisenhower Foundation

"Our mission begins with identifying outstanding ascendant leaders who share President Eisenhower’s belief in the powerful possibilities of a more peaceful, prosperous and just world. We work with mid-career leaders who display the vision and passion to pursue concrete projects with real impact on their societies. We believe our work transcends national boundaries, linking outstanding international leaders with their counterparts in the United States to enhance international understanding and provide rich opportunities for collaboration within the influential Eisenhower Fellows global network."

Warn Everyone! Entertainment

"While only an official organization since 2018, the origins of Warn Everyone! Entertainment date back 15+ years and are founded in a desire to develop original content. With our subsidiary,  Warn Everyone! Comics, we are actively producing nearly a dozen new concepts with respected publishers and the most incredible talent around the world.

We are focused on bringing excellence to storytelling and art to a fanbase that is craving quality over quantity. In a market saturated with gimmicks, we are committed to offering only the best products."