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Originally started by Frederick Aldama, also known as Prof. LatinX, LatinX Pop Lab is a creative and knowledge generating space that will bridge campus with the community in Austin.

Ad Astra Media and Dr. Intergalactic are excited to share that we are joining forces with Professor LatinX, University of Texas at Austin, Latinx Spaces and the LatinX Pop Culture Lab! Recently shared by Latinx Spaces in their latest article, "The Latinx Pop Lab™ will also be working alongside multiple organizations including 656 Comics, an indie comic collective based in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas.


José Morey of the STEAM and edutainment organization, Ad Astra Media, will also be included in creating promotional and education content and serve as part of the Latinx Pop Lab’s Core Council.” Also partnering with the Latinx Pop Lab™ will be Latinx Spaces who will serve as an integral partner in programming, content production, and promotional work." Others joining the team are the professors Maria Cotera and Michael Roy Hames-García from The University of Michigan and the University of Oregon! Cotera and Hames-García will be teaching within the Department of Mexican American and Latina/o Studies.

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