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Originally started by Frederick Aldama, also known as Prof. LatinX, LatinX Pop Lab is a creative and knowledge generating space that will bridge campus with the community in Austin.

The aim (within 3 years): to make known to the world that UT Austin is the place for the groundbreaking creative, intellectual, and curatorial work in and around Latinx pop narratives: comic books, children’s and YA lit., art, film, music, and media generally. Bridging town & gown through the embrace of Austin’s BIPOC creative and critical intellectual community is core to Latinx Pop Lab’s mission and identity.   

Dr. Jose Morey, also known as Dr. Intergalactic, has joined this program as a core partner, LPL Board Member and Consultant for STEAM edutainment. Follow up for new information on this partnership and what will come from Prof LatinX and Dr. Intergalactic!

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